Thursday, 7 January 2010

mail art exchange

my mail art exchange piece readyto be sent

The other day I received an invite (Thanks Kalpna!) to participate in a Mail Art Exchange. I had only read the subject line and signed up before I knew the details. This is probably the first time I read a chain letter in its entirety and passed it onto six other artists who I thought might be interested.

36 art pieces from artists I know and don't know of in the mail. Yes, please!


Anonymous said...

Wow I love the stamp with the red house on it!! That's art before you even open the envelope

snap + tumble said...

Ange - thanks, ma'am. That is actually a drawing of a post office in Toronto from 1987! Got it at the stamp fair in November :)

Sandi said...

i can't wait to send out my first piece of l'il art tomorrow!! Thanks for sending it to me :)

r= said...

i want to do this too!!! but forgot to reply to it!!! is it too late?...also i don't really get how it works. i'll email you! xo

alexandria said...

How awesome! Lovely stamps you chose.

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