Friday, 8 January 2010

letter love fridays + working on workshops

Over the holidays I took some time to brainstorm on what's next for snap & tumble. The letterpress workshops of 2009 received great response so I've take a closer look at these. I've had a few requests to offer more workshops focusing on printing with plates and images. Currently, participants are using only type to print with. I think the best way for participants to get the full experience, is to typeset. There are a lot of possibilities using type and experimenting with it challenges you. Using images after learning to use the fonts, is a breeze.

Back to what I was saying, thoughts on focused workshops.

letterpress printing session for the newly engaged:
One of my past participants is in PR and she mentioned the idea of holding workshops for brides. She even described what she thought about a workshop for the bridesmaids. This could be interesting, especially now that the DIY bride is making a strong comeback. And though the idea of a letterpress printing shower for the bride is exciting, it may not be a practical one since the maximum amount of participants for a workshop is 3. I've been asked if whether or not I'd "rent" my press out to brides who are interested in printing their own stationery. My response to this is, why just the bride? There are quite a few grooms, dare I say, who take the lead on the wedding stationery. I'd happily consult on designs and work with a couple who'd want to print their own suite. So perhaps, not a workshop for brides. But a letterpress printing session for a couple (bride+groom/bride+bride/groom+groom) who are looking for a different kind of shared, unique experience to start of their wedding planning.

I'm also playing with workshops solely for business cards, baby announcements, thank-you's and personalized notecards. All exciting stuff, folks. And this is just workshops - I may have a project or two up my sleeve ;)

thoughts and feedback are welcome!

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