Wednesday, 23 September 2009

no one's perfect

When it comes to product for the public - I get wrapped up in perfection and cleanliness. Here's a peek at my dirty, 100% crooked tests and misprints. So, so good to just cut loose and take stock of the lovely chaos, no?

note of the day:
+8 spots left in October for the Letterpress Curiosity Workshops


Ayalah said...

I really love the one with the purple sakura and green leaves.

Jaime said...

LOVE these!

oloidifemi said...

Hi, I’m Femi, I am an artist; doing my masters now. Gosh, i really love what u are doing with your blog, are u an artist or photography? Your blog is really creative and unique too; for I like the photographic expressions, it gives life to your blog,i really love the the title,"No One's Perfect" it reminds me of a painting of mine that i did, its called "The making of man from the Roots" keep it up and never give up; for the sky is your limit. You could check out my own blog, its You could leave your comment there. Keep up the dream! Please reply in English. Thanks and stay blessed!!!

roisin said...

i also have a stash of mis-printed things, but the tees & onesies are not nearly as nice as your papers.
have you thought about putting them together as scrap packs and selling them? they are beautiful..

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