Wednesday 15 July 2009

let's revive the calling card

I'm all for taking on projects that are a little off of centre. So when Ted approached me with his, I was thrilled. Our initial conversations led me to believe that I'd be printing business cards for him. But when he presented his own design, I realized it was more of a calling card. No phone number, no address, no website. How refreshing! In an age of frenzied online social networking, it was a treat to contribute to the slow, old fashioned way of doing things. The Art of Manliness' post on the historical use of calling cards is a great read that just might make you want to order a set of your own.


roisin said...

i wrote about this too - hope that you don't mind! they are beautiful, Tanya! And it was great to see you at the show.

t a n y a said...

hi Roisin, of course, no problem! thanks and I wish I knew earlier you were in the National Post and grabbed the paper for you!

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