Friday, 24 July 2009

swimming, not sinking

It’s been almost a month since I’ve been laid off. Rather than being in the dumps about it, I’ve been surged with energy. This is partly out of fear that there’s no longer any regular income and partly because I’m free to do exactly what I want. The last couple of weeks has been about business and personal agendas, both of which have been productive and good for the soul. Here are a few of the things I've accomplished since being laid off:
  • applied for EI
  • sourced and researched alternative paper for printing
  • printed limited edition Happy Anniversary cards
  • cancelled weekly repayments to mom (thanks, mom)
  • weekly journaling with the girls
  • changed photo on index page of snap & tumble website
  • started reading Bakery and Copyblogger
  • acquired names of editors of Canadian wedding magazines
  • printed congratulatory cards for recent wedding invitation clients
  • created letterpress workshop outline
  • completed step one on applying for the OSEB program
  • completed and submitted City of Craft application
  • completed and submitted release forms for photo inclusion in 2010 book about letterpress
  • daily visits to Oh, Hello Friend for packaging inspiration, Marta Writes for the Write Club and Oh, So Beautiful Paper for some serious eye candy
The list of things to do keeps growing and the feeling of not having enough hours in the day keeps me up at night. But I’m enjoying every moment of it.

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marta said...

your blog is lovely; thank you for the mention. am loving your fun inspirational posts.

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