Wednesday, 3 June 2009

tracy + sal

My best friend's sister, Tracy, will be getting married in August. I can hardly wait to attend and see the bride all dolled up and her bridesmaids in Tiffany coloured saris! It's going to be a gorgeous and colourful wedding. As a gift to Tracy, I've printed up Thank You cards for her bridal shower guests. She told me not to fuss over the colour, but I tried really hard to come close to the Tiffany colour. Let me tell you, that trademark colour is a challenge to mix. My eyes started to play tricks on me and the artificial lighting in my studio didn't help any. After a couple of hours I resigned to a colour that was in the vicinity. I was so looking forward to printing the branches with blooms and it couldn't have turned out prettier. Simple in design but vibrant in colour!


Lucy B said...

These are really beautiful. I'm sure your sister will love them as will all the people who get to receive them. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I heart the Tiffany colour!

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