Friday, 1 August 2008

she's got skills (sort of)

Last night I picked up my copy of Printing Made Easy, the Adana Manual for a little light reading. The cover boasts, "A comprehensive instruction manual arrestingly written in non-technical style." Be that as it may, I felt like I was being scolded as I read through it. There were a lot of tips and suggestions for best results and most of them I haven't been following. For example, I do not have my "workbench" set up so that there's a natural flow during the printing process, nor do I oil the moving parts of the press on a regular basis. I did, however, get a few pats-on-the-back for using a minimal amount of ink, taking extreme care of the rollers, and running up my colour without the chase in the machine.

And although it probably wasn't meant to be humorous, I found this passage to be quite comical:

From now onwards look closely at the illustrations. They have been prepared with
a great deal of care and show the working of the machine in every detail. They
are worth more, from the instruction point of view, than a thousand words of
written explanation.

Thankfully, this is how I remove my rollers too.

And this one is from the "Final Hints" section:

It is our experience that the beginner, through over anxiety, is apt to forget
important points-and then blame the machine. So these few pointers-which every
beginner in print will do well to remember-are given without apology.

Did you feel that slap on the hand too?

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