Saturday, 2 August 2008

pillars, place cards and postcards, oh my!

Because we weren't sure of the weather today, fiance and I stuck around the city instead of going to the cottage for the long weekend. What's a girl to do then? Print her place cards, that's what.

A few years back I purchased Cavallini & Co. postcards from a small paper shop in Yorkville. I held onto them because the botanical drawings were just so sweet to look at. I didn't have any intention of sending them out or sharing them. Until now.

I went back to The Paperie and picked up the Birds and Animals assorted packet as I'd need about 54 place cards. Chris' aunt does calligraphy and so I sought her help and she was more than happy to lend a helping hand (bad pun).

In the garden that Chris and I will marry, there is a four post pillar that we want to have the ceremony in front of. We took a picture of the pillars, put it into Illustrator and made a vector image. The good people at Owosso made the mag plate and voila...vintage postcard place cards for a paper themed wedding. I hope our guests will love them as much as I do and will take them home as a keepsake of our wedding.

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