Sunday, 13 January 2008

showing off

The wedding show at the Carlu was everything I expected. Extravagant, small and lovely. I suited me perfectly because I wasn’t overwhelmed by crowds and hundreds of vendors which I even got to speak to. Here’s the thing. I didn’t feel like I was there as “the bride-to-be”, but rather as someone curious in what all the fuss was about who also happens to be engaged. There was a bit of everything crucial to wedding planning (the dresses, the decor, the cakes, the invitations, etc.).

Guess where I gravitated to?

There weren’t many in the way of invitation vendors that caught my eye. Except for the only letterpress vendor, Sweet Peony Press from Markham. I got to meet and talk with Shelley, the owner and creative director, about her press and the stunning work she produces. After seeing the level of quality of her work and what letterpress stationery feels like in general, how could anyone want anything else?

Also at the event, I was also happy to speak to a woman who does calligraphy. She was sampling her work and she wrote my name on a pair of paper “wings” that would be used as a table seating place card. It makes for a nice keepsake.
I wasn’t so much interested in the gowns, as nice as they were. The photographers were exceptional in what they do, but I couldn’t quite distinguish one from the other. The catering vendors were by far the best in terms of give-aways! Creme brulee - need I say more!? Next to the invitations, I enjoyed looking at the cake designs. Both ornate and simple ones took my breath away. I admire the artistry and detail that goes into these things.

So there I had my taste of the wedding shows. Would I go to another? If it were free, yes. But did it give me any ideas on my own nuptials- not really. Then again, I didn’t go there with any specific goals other than to get my dose of letterpress curiosity sated.

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