Saturday, 19 January 2008

a place for paper {and cards}

If there's one spot in Toronto that specializes in paper and stationery that I'd call my favorite, it'd be The Paper Place on Queen St. West. So when the snap&tumble line made it to the shelves this afternoon, it was a bittersweet parting with my goods. I met with Kevin (the owner) and Judith (who spotted me at the craft show) today and they were just as excited about carrying a local letterpress card-maker as I was for them to carry and support the line.

Above is a picture of boxed sets of the snap&tumble thank you cards. The yellow and purple prints were a hit with The Paper Place as is with friends and family. They're being sold individually in the store and soon I'll put them online as a set.

The butterflies make their appearance again, only this time in a muted purple matched with that cyan I love so much. I had a plate made especially for the "happy birthday" as I was told that themed cards are picked up more often than generic, blank ones.

One thing that I neglected to do for the craft show was add an insert in the packaging. You'd think that was obvious but it was a huge oversight on my part. So this time, I've added a slip of paper with details on the making of the cards and contact information.
Once again The Paper Place is, in my opinion, The Place to go for all things paper. If you're in Toronto and haven't been by, drop in! It's a treat!

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