Tuesday, 27 November 2007

printing out of fear

Fear makes you do funny things.

It's four days until the City of Craft Fair and I thought I was going to do nothing this last week. I'm prepared, cards are done, packaging is done, display has been thought of. Time to relax.


Panic set in while I sat on the couch yesterday after a long day at work. And if you know anything about me, I'm useless after 5:30pm on a cold, wintery, rainy night. But sure enough, the thoughts of not having enough cards crept around in my brain and next thing I knew I had my chase and furniture in hand.

I felt that I didn't have enough "season's greetings" cards. And so I went in that direction and printed holiday cards with matching coasters. Everything was very last minute and I can barely remember printing because it happened so quickly. I must be getting better at this, because it took no time at all. If you can consider 4 hours as no time at all.

I know myself well enough that I had even ordered 30 extra envelopes in my last order JUST IN CASE. And that case happened last night. So my envelopes for the new cards are covered.

My manic episode last night resulted in some elegant holiday prints and my peace of mind! Let's hope I don't freak out again before this Saturday.

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