Tuesday, 27 November 2007

more or less?

I've been struggling lately with determining the pricing of my letterpress goods. I've done some comparative analysis and I'm only more confused. Etsy letterpress sellers price their items (folded notecards) anywhere between $3-$5. Flat cards range from $1.75-$2.40!
I've already figured out the cost of making my items and have taken into consideration the time it takes from start to finish (design, hand-mixing ink, registration, etc.). What I can't get over is that from what I've seen (beautiful, original, handmade) letterpress cards are being priced LESS than big-box manufactured cards you can find everywhere in drugstores! What gives, what am I missing?
Thoughts, please!


PG said...

Hi Tanya, just thought I'd say hello, I've been finding your blog very interesting, am just starting a similar thing over here in the UK, with a 8x5 Adana and an old hand proof press, it's great to have found this little huddle of female platen printers, I have been to a minor hell and back again with a recent print job and I thought it was just me...but no, it seem that it really is a thing with lots of trial and error, and more often error and much swearing! Can't help you with the pricing except to say that you need to decide your own fair price, even on Etsy - so long as they are not vastly overpriced people will buy them if they like them. My standard prints (nnot letterpress stuff) cost more than many other similar size/quality prints on Etsy, yet I manage to sell them - it is frightening I agree how low some sellers price. Maybe they are churning out hundreds, selling wholesale and putting spare stock online?

who is this gal? said...

Hello PG! Welcome to snap&tumble. Thank you for the thoughts. Always good to know there are others out there thinking the same thing. I wasn't professionally trained on the press, nor did I go to printmaking school. I'm pretty much self-taught on the Adana, so EVERYTHING is trial and error for me. I want to be fair about pricing my itmes, but at the same time don't want to under/over price. Yes, perhaps they are making humdreds and selling wholesale. Maybe they are taking into account shipping charges not included as well?

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