Wednesday, 14 November 2007

numb from searching

I snapped this photo in Greece because I loved the letters "N" and "o" stamped on the right hand corner. It was a ticket for a cable car or donkey ride. Guess which one I took.

My latest obsession is searching for a numbering stamp. How difficult can this be? Apparently, I'm picky and so the quest to find this gadget has proven to be a real challenge. The idea is to stamp the cards that will be in limited quantities. So it's not a must-have but a nice-to-have. Where can I find a numbering stamp that has at least two tracks of letters, and at least three tracks of numbers and doesn't cost in the hundreds? Oh and it be nice it if were automatic and the typeface in a Roman font. I'll even settle for non-automatic and Gothic at this point.


Poppy Letterpress said...

Have a look on ebay. I've seen quite a few pop up from time to time. One of the many things I -want- but don't -need- ;)

who is this gal? said...

Yep - I found two and scored a deal. They weren't exactly what I was looking for, but I think they'll do.

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