Saturday, 20 October 2007


I made my second attempt at ordering plates from Owosso on Wednesday in the hopes of receiving them on Friday so that I'd be able to print this weekend. Thinking that UPS would leave it at my doorstep like last time, I didn't think there'd be an issue. Wrong.

Apparently there was a COD (Cash on Delivery) charge and I wasn't home to pay it. So UPS took the package back with them to UPS land. I called into customer service and payed by credit card and will end up with the package on Monday. Boo.

UPS explained that the first delivery from Owosso was a 'gift' and it was also under a certain amount of dollars. This time the shipping alone was about $10, not complimentary AND for the package to cross the border it was another $25. This puts a crimp in what was my 'future plan' for more plates.


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