Wednesday, 1 August 2007

temporary setback

A slight issue with my press. I’m not getting even impressions on the paper. I've put my forme in the middle of the chase and found that it’s usually the bottom half that gives an impression. So I've tried to adjust the back of the bed hoping that it will make contact with the paper properly when the lever is pulled down. I still wasn’t able to get a bite in the paper for the top half of the forme. I also tried to place the chase upside down to no avail. It was suggested to me that I put a piece of foundry type in each corner of the chase and adjust the screws accordingly - this testing method hasn’t been working for me either. I’ve also tried to put more packing behind my paper and that didn’t seem to help. I went onto Briar Press and got some responses to this and it was suggested that I head over to the Book Arts Guild in Richmond Hill to have someone look at my press. They’ve got an Adana like mine and Jes (a member on Briarpress and the Book Arts Guild) has welcomed me to come in and help calibrate my press.

I honestly think it’s just a matter of being patient. I read The Printer’s Guide on Don Black’s site and it talks about Presswork. I have to back off the impression screws entirely and manipulate each one until I get an even impression. This will require some time, space, and good lighting.


Anonymous said...

Tanya -

I just stumbled upon your wordpress page while doing a google search on Adana presses. I have just locked up a form to set the platen on a client’s C&P Pilot press. Here’s a link to the photo:

This is the approach to take to adjust your platen - and it must be adjusted properly - which means perfectly - for your press to give you the satisfaction you rightfully should expect.

Best of luck

- Alan

Alan Runfeldt - September 18th, 2007 at 9:10 pm e

Tanya said...

Thanks Alan, this is really helpful. It looks like this process will require a whole lot of patience.

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