Tuesday, 7 August 2007

found type

I was in Bancroft over the weekend and was able to stop in a few antique shops. Talk about heaven. The first shop didn’t have any letterpress stuff but I asked the owner where I might be able to find some and she directed me to a consignment store around the corner. Lo and behold, I found a small tray of lead type. This was the first time I’ve ever come across type other than over the Internet- a loose set with pieces sold individually! As you can see, all of the letters are san serif and I was hoping for something a bit more ornate instead. At $4.00 a letter, I only selected four characters and had to bid the rest of the goodies adieu.

Nevertheless, it was great to see and confirm that I can find type in these antique stores. There’s probably a whole bunch more out there just waiting to be snatched up. Hang on little ones - don’t go anywhere, hopefully I’ll find you!

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