Wednesday, 8 May 2013

simple cookies

The other day I bought a packet of Snackimals for Marcus as a change from his rice cracker snacks. It was his first foray into cookie-land and he liked it very much. I almost bought him some more but decided it would be easier, less expensive and healthier for him if I just made something similar myself. This isn't to say that the ingredients in Snackimals is terrible, quite the opposite. I'm finding it a pleasure to bake and cook for the babe whenever I can and figured that making cookies couldn't be too difficult I came across this recipe and didn't hesitate to start on it right away. Simple and with just a few ingredients. Yes, they are supposed to be animal cookies but I didn't have any cutters so I used an olive oil bottle cap to make the circles. M was none the wiser :) The cookies turned out great, not too crumbly and a little bit soft because of the yogurt ingredient. I did make a few substitutions to the recipe - I used organic unsweetened coconut, steel cut oats (instead of plain oats), brown rice flour (instead of whole wheat flour) and lemon yogurt (instead of plain yogurt) and added a touch of cinnamon. The recipe yielded approximately 40 cookies (1.5" in diameter). These are super snacks for on-the-go!

*Oh, and I didn't have a rolling pin so I just used a stainless steel water bottle, filled it with cold water and wrapped it in saran wrap before rolling the dough out. My kitchen lacks in some basic baking tools. I think I may need to change that!


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