Monday, 8 April 2013

a new press! the Morgan Line-O-Scribe

Thanks to a former workshop participant, I got a heads up about a press that was for sale on Kijiji last week. It took me a whole five minutes to decide if whether or not I wanted it. I was a little surprised to find out that the press was still available after I saw how many hits the ad got. Presses are rare and usually snapped up before you even knew it was for sale.

I was happy to learn that this press, a Morgan Line-O-Scribe, was well-loved and used by its previous owner. But she was making room for a much larger press and I assured her that the Morgan was going to be in very good hands.

This latest acquirement brings my press collection up to four. The Adana Eight-Five, the Chandler & Price 6.5 x 10", the mini Showcard and now, the Line-O-Scribe. The main reason I wanted this particular press was because of it's size. The print bed is 14 x 22", which is double the size of my Showcard. What makes this proof press special to my collection is that it comes with an ink plate and rollers! This means that I don't have to use a brayer. I've only seen a couple of these types of presses online and they were without the ink train. Another great feature of this press is that you can adjust the pressure. This should come in handy when I'm using different types of paper and cardstock.

I was able to try it out the press a couple of days ago. I locked up some of my large wood type upside down and went to town. Oh, so much room to play! I'm looking forward to experimenting with woodcuts and large linoleum blocks.

And, seriously - I can't get any more presses. That is, until I move into a bigger space :)


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