Tuesday, 19 March 2013

lovers rock

It's no big secret that I am a big Sade fan. Have been since I was 16 years old. No Ordinary Love is just one of those timeless songs. In 2001,  the band came out of an eight year hiatus and I attended her Toronto performance. Fast forward another ten years, and she released Soldier of Love. And that was my second Sade concert in 2011.

My latest print is the title of her fifth album, Lovers Rock. I handset my favorite gothic wood type in the mini Showcard and mixed a light beige I call 'sand'. The second colour is a Process Blue mixed with Transparent White and I got something that I call 'sea' and it looked like glass on the palette. Pretty, right? That colour was laid on top of the beige for the second pass. I wanted to stop there but also wanted to experiment with a third colour, gold, for the top portion of 'lovers'. I took one of my misaligned prints and made the third pass on the press. You can see the results in the last photo. I love the two prints equally.

The limited edition Lovers Rock print is now for sale here. The three colour print will also be for sale (only two available) at a discount because of it's misalignment, just email me if you're interested in this one.


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