Wednesday, 2 January 2013

duct tape wallet for evan

My seven-year-old nephew likes money and he's already quite good at squirrelling it away. Instead of getting him a toy for Christmas, I figured that a crisp $5 bill would put a smile on his face. But I also wanted to give him something (preferably handmade) that would be useful in the meantime if he wasn't going to buy something right away. Luckily, he didn't already have a wallet so a DIY version one totally fit the bill (pun intended!).

I actually started with sewing a fabric wallet but it ended up in a disaster which I won't go into because I'm still getting over it. So I instead I turned to look for duct tape wallet tutorials and came across this one. In about half an hours or so I ended up with a perfectly functional wallet complete with two card slots, a bill pocket and ID holder! And to personalize it, I used dry transfer letters to spell his name on the inside of his wallet.

So easy, so fun!

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