Friday, 21 December 2012

santa's new reindeer

With last minute craft fairs, end-of-season workshops, commissioned work, a baby with a fever, and me with a cold, I nearly gave up on the idea of making my own holiday cards for friends and family. I know it wasn't really a big deal to forgo the tradition of seasonal greetings this one time but what kind of stationer would I be if I didn't send any out? Bah hum bug.

So, I made sure that M was in a good mood before I outfitted him in the reindeer onesie. He didn't like the hood all that much and it was thanks to a fast shutter speed that helped me get one good shot of him. Also lucky to have had some nice natural daylight the afternoon I took that photo. I was very thankful for the local grocery store that has a photo lab with online ordering and quick turnaround because I got to pick up the pictures the same day.  Next evening I set to cutting, scoring, folding and making the slits for the wallet-size photos. The third night, I got to handset the forme and printed in gold ink. I also decided to print the envelopes with a small snowflake to match the card. A quiet Friday evening in and I took to handwriting notes in each of them. Stamped, signed, posted. And that felt pretty darn good.

Merry Holidays, friends!


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