Friday, 14 December 2012

Marcus is One!

This little Munchkie turned one yesterday! Unfortunately, he woke up with a fever so he was all about the naps and staying close to mom. It seems to have just lasted the one day because this morning he was back to his normal self - dancing, chasing, smiling and eating well. So today, I decided to bring out his cake, balloons, present and had a mini celebration just before he went down for his morning nap.

You may know that I'm not any kind of baker. So I was thankful to find this recipe for M's smash cake because it's only got the good stuff in it and is so easy to make. I substituted the wheat flour with rice flour and the applesauce with homemade apple puree. I thought that if M didn't like it for some reason, then I'd be quite happy to eat it myself. The frosting is from a Sprout Right recipe. Kudos goes to my mom for frosting and piping the cake (I totally would've made a mess out of it). So, did Marcus actually smash and eat his first birthday cake? No. That fourth picture says it all. He dabbed his finger in the frosting and that's as far as he went with it. What a guy.

Happy birthday, Marcus. 
Mom + Dad love you to pieces.


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