Monday, 16 July 2012

This wedding invitation suite for Vianny and Derek is by far one of my favorites. The main feature of this set is the modern lace pattern which adorns both the invite and RSVP. The lace motif was blind printed on the invite with the mini Showcard press while the RSVP was inked with a warm grey on the C&P. The last photograph best demonstrates how the blind impression came through. Large patterns like this one don't usually do so well with a tabletop platen which is why I opted to print these with the Showcard. The pattern had a better chance of an even impression throughout with the flatbed. Even still, I treated each piece of cardstock to a few spritzes of water where the pattern was to be printed. This made that part of the cardstock a little bit more pliable. I love the clean and crisp impression and how very lace-like it turned out to be.

Congratulations Vianny and Derek! I hope your day was magical.


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