Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Most of you might not remember my attempts to launch The Card Catalogue two years ago. I had too many other projects on the go that I wasn't able to focus on it. Now that I only have one main project, that being my 4 month old son, I'm still unable to sit down and figure out what the CC will actually consist of and look like. Still, I think about it often (in the waking hours of the early morning during nursing) and hope to get a chance to flesh it out and finally put it in the pop-up shop. Last week, however, I got some time to myself, pulled out one of the plates designed for the CC and printed. It was only a small batch of cards but I think it's important for me to get on the press when both the moment and the will strikes. I'm still trying to find a good balance of being a new mom ,a small business owner, and someone who just loves and wants to print. I really don't make it a habit of saying that I'll do something and then don't. So this is my way of keeping tabs on myself and carving out the CC at the same tme.


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