Sunday, 26 February 2012

thrifty baby

I've been on the lookout for a book to put photos of Marcus in and to keep a record of some of his milestones. The ones I've seen in the bookstores are much too modern, flimsy and glossy for me. But as luck would have it, my trusty thrift store came through again! I found this 'Baby's First Diary' and flipped through its pages. Vintage with old-school illustrations! It's just down-right cool and well made to boot. I was pretty much sold on the cover, and then ran over to the cash register after seeing the family tree.

Next, I found a simple square bound photo album with an emerald green and gold border cover. There's nothing 'baby' about it which is why I like it. Classic and simple. Both of these books, coincidentally, were made in Japan.

Then, rummaging through the fabric section, I found two matching panels of this fun, vintage and colourful curtain. I don't have any windows to cover, nor a nursery to put them in but found a use for them anyway. We have Marcus' change table against a wall and so I hung up the curtains beside it with a mirror in the centre. My babe seems to have taken a strong liking to the (creepy) clown. Maybe it's because the clown is closest to his line of vision but it keeps Marcus distracted and happy all the same.

Yay for thrift stores!


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