Friday, 10 February 2012

my cupid

When he was born, I had high hopes of designing and printing birth announcements for Marcus. But, really, what was I thinking? Any "spare" moment I had, I slept. Or ate. Or did laundry. Once things settled down, I started to think about announcements again and decided that it was too late for those. When this month rolled around, I thought Valentine's would be the perfect time for Marcus to introduce himself to our family and friends. So, when I had the energy and Marcus was sound asleep, I quickly handset a short greeting, set up the Adana, lay down some ink already mixed from a previous project and printed away. It felt really (really) good to get back on the press, even for a short time. I had enough sense to print these well before February 14th so that I could hand-finish them with slits to insert a wallet-size photo, handwrite short notes, stamp and send them off.

The sweet photo of Marcus was taken by the fabulous Ingrid. It was his first official photo shoot and three weeks old and he slept right through it. My sleepy Valentine.


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