Wednesday, 28 December 2011

silent morning

It's 6:52am and I've got Marcus settled in a Moby Wrap and snug as a bug against me. I'm exhausted but wide awake - how does that even happen? So, I'm taking advantage of the quiet and hands-free baby moment.

He's just over two weeks and grown so much already. My midwife joked that I must be expressing cream instead of milk :)

This is a photo of him on Christmas day. He pretty much slept right through it. He received some wonderful gifts, one of which to my surprise, is something we didn't know that would come in handy...a wipes warmer. Go figure! We set it up yesterday and Marcus no longer cries his little lungs out when the wipes come into contact.

A note about my parents: they're the best. They've helped Chris and I out by visiting and relieving us from Marcus duty. I was able to get in some much needed sleep while my they watched and cooed over the baby.
I'm grateful to have my parents with me during this time.

Snow has finally landed and a deep cold has set in the city. Seems like it's going to stick this time. We're looking forward to New Year's eve. Usually Chris and I aren't up past midnight to ring in the new year, but thanks to Marcus, we just might be up all night.


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