Saturday, 17 December 2011

jonathan's holiday cards

I had the pleasure of working with graphic designer, Jonathan Margono, on his holiday cards for this season. As soon as I saw his hand-drawn lettering, I couldn't say no to printing it. When he mentioned that he wanted the design on black cardstock, I definitely leaped at the chance! Best part is the silver ink. It's not easy to lay down ink on black stock, but the opacity of silver makes for a winning combo. Got to love the way Jonathan addressed the envelopes too. Now if only there were some sign of snow in Toronto, these cards make me want a hot chocolate!


Thank you so much to everyone who left comments about the arrival of my son, Marcus. I am an absolute sap these days, and it warms my heart to see the love and excitement from friends and people whom I've never met (near and far), wish Chris and I and the baby well. xoxo - t.


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