Friday, 11 November 2011

friday pieces

Baby M is now at 36 weeks today! Along with harder kicks he's brought back the nausea. It wasn't as bad as it was the first four months but any amount of morning sickness for me is no fun. Just as an update to the GDM, things are still going well. I've managed to stay from being treated with insulin shots and am required to see an endocrinologist two months after baby is born to see if the GDM has stuck around. 

With the approaching due date, I've been losing sleep. I've resorted to using the Sleep Sheep that my BFF's sister (who's own baby is now 9 months) let me borrow for the baby. I set it on the timer for forty-five minutes to the sounds of the ocean waves and it actually relaxes me and gets me on the way to sleep. I'll do whatever it takes to get a good's night sleep these days.

I finally saw some frost outside my window this morning. As soon as I get one whiff of a snowflake, the Christmas tree is going up!


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