Friday, 14 October 2011

8 months, already?

This week's been a little quite on the blog because I've been trying to absorb some news that I got from my midwife a couple of weeks ago. Turns out that I have gestational diabetes. Anything but an ordinary pregnancy had me shook up quite a bit, but after a few more visits with my midwife, constant research and a wonderful ND for a husband, I've finally begun to relax. Apparently, GDM is quite normal in pregnancy and can be treated with diet and exercise. I'm now on a scheduled meal plan and my walk this morning did wonders for my blood sugar levels. I was a bit nervous about having to poke myself four times a day for the blood glucose meter, but it's really not so bad. I'm feeling good about my progress in getting the GDM under control.

The upside to the stringent food intake, meal schedule, and blood testing is that I'm eating a whole lot healthier. Better than I ever have before in my life. I'm taking the time to cook and prepare meals. This means slowing down, enjoying every bite and knowing that baby M is being taken care of.

Today marks 32 weeks! Things are moving swiftly. Seems like I'm always in between appointments with my midwife, diabetes doctor, diabetes educational centre and an OBGYN may soon be thrown into the mix. I took some time out today to photograph the belly. I think I hardly look pregnant in the first photo! Oh, how nice that black really is slimming :)


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