Wednesday, 7 September 2011

summer shots

Just a few shots of this past summer (oh, how it feels so long ago). 1. Nifty small bottles of Joe nail polish because I was going through a metallic phase. These are Gunmetal and Sunkissed. What's a girl to do at the cottage? 2. ...Paint her toe nails. Picture of feet sort of freak me out and I'm still unsure if I should be posting a photo of mine. But here they are anyway :) 3. Peaches are in season! I've been devouring them like candy. Even threw in a couple in my latest batch of crumble - too good. We grilled a couple peaches at the cottage, sprinkled some brown sugar on them and it made for a delicious breakfast. 4. Chris studying at the cottage for his board exams. Which, I'm happy to say is now all in the past! He's now referred to as Dr. Roberts, so I guess that makes me Mrs. Dr. Roberts! That's so unreal. 5. Belly shot at just over 24 weeks. Everything seems to be moving so quickly (I'm actually 27 weeks right now). The weather makes it feel like autumn already, and that's all good to me.


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