Wednesday, 24 August 2011

pop-up shop: gold & black collection

Alright folks, here it is, the Gold & Black collection of letterpress printed goods! Have a peep at the details of what's included here. The shop opens today at 2pm EST and only 10 sets are available for purchase.

I've been wanting to use gold ink for quite some time now and slowly printed up a collection of cards and postcards for each set. Five of the sets (#1-5) come a correspondence card that reads, "LOVE" on the front. Four of the cards (#6-9) read "WISH" and the one set (#10) has the card which reads, "GLEE". I hold this collection near and dear because I printed some images that were used from the start of Snap + Tumble four years ago. And then of course the beloved starburst cut makes another appearance and the ever sweet and simple wood type returns. To complete the set, I printed a little something (a "hello!" and gold dots) on the envelopes.

This will be the last in the series of limited edition Snap + Tumble goods for the year. The commissioned projects, wholesale orders and letterpress workshops are well underway and will be keeping me busy till it's time to put up my feet. The baby has already started kicking but I'm convinced he's doing cart wheels because there's so much darn movement in there!

Woot! See you at the Snap + Tumble online pop-up shop at 2pm!


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