Thursday, 7 July 2011

amanda kern's letterpress baby

I just happened upon a beautiful blog by Amanda Kern who's in Orlando and specializes in newborn photography. I found her work to be refreshing in that the photos are downright simple, quiet, and she uses very little props to distract from the main tiny tot feature. What external items she does use seem to be organic and a natural fit for the babies (unlike Anne Geddes butterfly and flower babies). What struck me the most was a shoot she did for her own child, Chance. Amanda is a letterpress enthusiast and created a collage of wood type for her son to lay on for the shoot. She explains that it was no easy feat but well worth the effort as I'm sure most of you would agree.

 photograph courtesy of Amanda Kern

photograph courtesy of Amanda Kern

Expecting my first child at the end of autumn and being a letterpress printer, I was naturally interested in these photos and the story behind it. I'm inspired by Amanda's creativity and the idea of introducing my little one to all things letterpress too. Put this one under the category: adorbs.


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