Monday 28 February 2011

sunburst stationery for PAL-SAC

I first became aware of PAL-SAC when I spotted one of their postcards at the White Squirrel cafe last December. I was so delighted to learn what they're all about and that they're right here in the city! I connected with PAL-SAC creator, Angel Chen, to talk about creating some stationery for the event. These Sunburst cards will be available at this evening's letter-writing event to support the continuation and expansion of PAL-SAC. They take place every second and fourth Monday of every month at the Naco Gallery. Keep a lookout on their site for other locations.

I really enjoyed creating these prints. The mustard yellow, black and grey cardstock are one of my favorite colour combinations.

I stayed up last night and watched the Oscars. Did anyone else watch the entire show? My favorite moments were Christian Bale's win, Cate Blanchett's gown, and Florence and the Machine's performance with AR Rahman. Good stuff.


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