Wednesday, 19 January 2011

christopher stott: contemporary realism

photos via Christopher Stott

I was recently introduced to the work of Christopher Stott, an artist living in Saskatchewan, Canada. As soon as I laid eyes on his work, I started to daydream about having one of his pieces for my future home. A few things appeal to me about his oil paintings. One, his subjects are of still life and while not of people, his paintings can easily be called portraits. There's a lot of character behind the nostalgic items he paints. I'm a collector of things (old cameras, vintage typewriters and books) and so I couldn't help but be pulled in by his subjects of choice. Two, his compositions are mix of orderliness and tidy casualness. I'm a mix of the two given the type of day I'm having. Three, lighting. Maybe it's his background in photography that makes these paintings depict that kind of special light I wish donned on my studio everyday. I can't help but smile when I look at his work. The detail, the realism, the colours, the softness, the quietness - captures me.

You can find Chris' portfolio here and updates on his blog. Also, be sure to check out his giclee prints on Etsy.


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