Wednesday, 1 December 2010

UPPERCASE magazine

UPPERCASE Issue # 8 teaser

So the jig is up! Remember this project I worked on a couple weeks ago? I volunteered and was invited to submit samples of my work for the next issue of UPPERCASE magazine. This is one quarterly magazine that is much adored by designers, illustrators, artists, crafters and the like. I pretty much leaped at this opportunity to be a part of something special and, of course, just to get on my presses and print.

Every issue of UPPERCASE is curated with all sorts of fantastic, but this particular issue will feature letterpress. And what better way to do that than to experience it's tactile quality? This is where the samples come in. Fifty printers will be contributing and inserts will be randomly put inside each copy of the magazine. Brilliant. And to make the pot even sweeter, UPPERCASE will have a few sets of samples that will include all 50 samples to giveaway in a draw of subscribers. Whoa. The printed brown paper bags are for the inserts with the content concealed. I printed a little something different for their giveaway which I'll also reveal closer to when the issue is released.

Check the teaser here. Then subscribe!


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