Monday, 11 October 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! A few photos from the Norwood Fair in Norwood, Ontario. I had my first taste of cotton candy and deep fried mars bar this weekend. I can sort of see what all the fuss was about. But I think I can wait another year before eating those crazy sugary treats again. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend ~  today, I'm recovering from all of the turkey and sweet potatoe pie.


alexandria said...

These photos are so whimsical and fun to see. It sounds like a good Thanksgiving was had.

p.s. Congratulations on the new press!

Micheline said...

Deep fried Mars bars? I thought that was just an urban legend. I might need to try one just to say I did.

Jessica Bell said...

Fantastic graphic images. And the colours...mmm!

t a n y a said...

alexandria: thanks on the congrats - I'm still really excited about the press!

Micheline: That's exactly why I had to try it, just to say that I did :)

Jessica Bell: right on, the images were the best part of the fair.

Amanda said...

I love, love, love your photos! Seems like such a fun place!

Chantel I. said...

Now, did you like the deep fried Mars bar? I've never tried one myself, so I'm curious.

At the PNE, this year's big "deep fried cuisine" was deep fried butter. I tried it, and other than a little mess (ie, I bit into the first piece and butter cascaded down my chin onto my shirt), it was pretty good. They mix butter with some cream cheese and icing sugar, roll it in batter and throw it in the deep fryer just long enough to make the coating a little crispy. You bite - carefully - into each piece (about the size of a sweet and sour chicken ball) and it's all sweet and buttery.

t a n y a said...

Chantel I: the deep fried mars bar was just okay. I'm not a fan of that chocolate bar to begin with. But gimme a deep dried Skor bar or Crispy Crunch...!

Good lord, deep fried butter? My heart just stopped thinking about it!

Chantel I. said...

They had deep fried Mars bars at the fair as well, but I thought that was a lot of treat to eat if I didn't like it much. Plus, like you, I'm not a huge Mars bar fan in its natural form.

The deep fried butter, on the other hand, came in bite size pieces, and I was sharing with my bf, so I felt I could bail out if the first piece was too overwhelming. My bf only ate one piece and left the other three for me. By the third, I was totally done. Too much butter! One piece is definitely enough, but I just had to try it just so I could say that I ate deep fried butter at the 2010 PNE.

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