Monday, 6 September 2010

I've been heads down working on details of the monthly subscription this past weekend. Good thing the weather was a bit wild with wind and rain here otherwise I would've just ran away to the cottage. Instead I've made some headway with the online shop (which is in maintenance mode right now). When you're on the computer designing for hours on end you can't help but wander around to give your head a break. I came across these great items and wanted to share how lovely they are.

Handmade covers for the Moleskine softcover cahiers from R & L Goods. I want.

I'd take any one of the products in the itis edition shop, especially the vintage navy flag cards.

And finally, I'd love to outfit my new laptop with this sexy wool and leather number made and designed by byrd & belle.

Back to the grind, folks. Hope your Monday is a fine one.


Indie.Tea said...

Those Moleskine covers are lovely. And that laptop number is amazing. I'd like to put my old laptop in it :)

afro-chick said...

simply lovely!
i KNOW all your hard work WILL = beautifulness (yes, it's a word.)

merium said...

Love the laptop cover! And I can't wait for your monthly subscription!

Gabe said...

wow great find! i love that laptop sleeve. i dont have an ipad, but the ipad sleeves are slick too. ooh i love wool.

t a n y a said...

Indie.Tea: the Moleskin covers look really handy too, form and function!

afro-chick: i love your positive energy.

merium: thank you!

Gabe: wool...mmmmm.

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