Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I welcome September with open arms. The crisp weather we've been having in Toronto is just what this girl likes. The change in season is fitting with the things that are happening over here. Summer was a bit of a lull, a hibernation of sorts allowing me to think things over and brainstorm.

Now things seem to be snapping into place and the pace is picking up. I'm making a few small changes to the look of s + t (website, blog, packaging etc.) Also, Letterpress Curiosity Workshops have already been filled up for this month and the next. I'm also looking forward to a couple coming in this weekend to use the press to print their own wedding stationery. Requests for quotes are also coming in and I'm so happy to see ready-made artwork for me to print. Things are a buzzin' over here and I still aim to have the monthly letterpress subscription ready for autumn!


jax said...

Glad you got your mojo back ;D
Like the anti-hate Blogger Gang touch ;o)

t a n y a said...

jax: thanks! such trouble we have to go through to get rid of anonymous foolishness.

small caps said...

Great Tanya! To talk about weather, it's cold and raining over here and I wish the summer would stay a bit longer. Also I feel I work better with sunshine :)

afro-chick said...


i see letterpress stuff ALL over toronto, and then i think of you.

huzzah to you understanding letterpress stuff (:

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