Thursday, 22 July 2010

zippered pouches

Okay, so I went a little bonkers after taking the zippered pouches class at The Workroom last Saturday. I could say that I made a few more to practice so that I wouldn't forget how to do it. But really, I just wanted to make more to give them to people. That and selecting the fabric is so much fun.

Karyn showed the class how to make two types of pouches, a flat and boxed one with gussets. The first set (turquoise and orange) I made for my mom and the second set (the blue and pink) for my mother-in-law. These things are so easy to make and so handy, they make perfect homemade gifts. Bonus points because they're super useful for the guys I like too. I used the same type of outer outdoor fabric for the pouches I'm giving to my brother, dad and husband. But I chose different fabrics for the linings, again, just because it's fun.

I used a sturdier zipper for my brother's pouch because I think he may actually use it fairly often. I don't want it to fall apart on him. For my dad's pouch I used a soft lining and labeled it with my Dymo. Lastly, Chris requested a pouch to keep his stethoscope in. About a year ago, Chris' mom gave me iron-on labels that have his name on it. She used them when he was a kid on quite a few things that belonged to him. I remembered I had them and added it to his pouch just in case it ever falls into someone else's hands.


Melinda Josie said...

Ahhh! I totally loved that class! (But I went completely insane after the fabric buckets class!) I made a few pouches for things around the house, but want to make more to put gifts in.
Yours look lovely! I especially love the vintage rose fabric! (Surprise, surprise...)! I also love the label with Chris' name! They're so simple and perfect!

t a n y a said...

Melinda: Yep, I took the fabric buckets too (and loved it) but found the zippered pouches more useful and actually easier to make. And oh yes, I love the label with Chris' name - the typeface does me in everytime.

Debs said...

Love them! You've got me looking at The Workroom classes now to see if I can squeeze a class in whilst I'm back in Toronto (only a couple of weeks before I'm back where there's sun!) :D

t a n y a said...

Debs: If you can get into a class, totally do it!!

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