Monday 26 July 2010

letterpress birthday invitations

Out of everything I've ever printed, I have to say that printing birthday invitations for my nephew's party was the most fun. I really get a kick out of using wood type and it's always nice to get a chance to use the numbers, like the fancy 5! The colours too, how can you not smile at the bright blue and red? Though the invitations went through the press four times (evan's, turning, 5!, copy detail), it was still a treat to print.

I didn't have enough envelopes so I chose to use flat paper bags to hold everything together. The red against the kraft paper is always a nice combination and the bag makes the invitation really fun and casual. My sister-in-law also plans to add a bus schedule for those who won't be driving to the party, so the paper bag will be able to hold everything together.

The only part of the invitation that I used a plate for are the dotted lines and copy detail. This plate will be useful in my letterpress workshops in case participants plan to make some invitations of their own.

The only image used in the design is on the map that I laser printed. In the same red, I printed a cluster of flags to mark the location of the party. Makes me want to go to the party right now just looking at it :)


Marlaine said...

just curious - why do you have to set 'evan's' and 'turning' 2x - not enough space?
or just easier for you?
great fun, these!
i esp. like the paper bag :)

t a n y a said...

hi Marlaine, I set them individually because it was easier to lock it in that way. Also, I wasn't sure which of my type I was going to use for the word "turning" until after I printed Evan's name. Another reason is that printing with my wood type can be finicky on it's own so I didn't want to print another font with it.

Moose said...

Very Fun!
Tail Wags,

katrina said...

i love the stamps and the way you used the baker's twine. the designs are lovely!

t a n y a said...

Moose and katrina: thank you!

Marlaine said...

thanks, tanya!
these are so cute!

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