Thursday, 29 July 2010

instructional series summer sale

Take advantage of the snap & tumble sale happening today until Friday August 6th.
The instructional series of letterpress cards are available for $4 CDN each (original price $6).
It's a steal for a card that can also be framed as mini art.

lounge in the afternoon can be bought here.

pitch a tent can be bought here.

fancy bow can be bought here.

birdhouse can be bought here.

baby's crib can be bought here.

Rocking horse can be bought here.


Melinda Josie said...

I love this series! The drawings are so well done!

t a n y a said...

Melinda: I wish I could take credit for the drawing but alas I found them in a vintage magazine:) I love technical drawings and when I saw them had to get them in letterpress form in candy colours!

Aron said...

That tent card is so cool!

t a n y a said...

thanks Aron!

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