Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I spent more time with watercolours this afternoon. Had some left over business card cardstock and blind printed a banner on the front. Gave them a colour wash and voila, instant mini notes for Chris to find around the house. That last one is for days like this when the heat is just unbearable :)


small caps said...

so sweet :)

lavienouveau said...

these are so cute!

afro-chick said...

heart these.
could i order some?

t a n y a said...

small caps + lavienouveau: thank you!

afro-chick: thank you! i just emailed you about the details :)

Celine said...

i love the watercolour!

Sun said...

OMG! i want this for my namecard.
Anyway your blog is so lovely, i wish i could learn about letterpress here :(

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