Thursday, 3 June 2010

snap & tumble wedding line: the sweetheart

the sweetheart

the sweetheart

the sweetheart

snap & tumble wedding line: the sweetheart

i remember scribbling the name of my schoolyard crush in my math exercise books, passing notes and leaving letters in lockers. this simple ready-made design is a throwback to those days and highlighted by soft colours of chalk grey and pencil crayon pink.

if this suits you and yours, don't hesitate to contact me for details on how to customize it.


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Unknown said...

so pretty and those stamps are divine :)

Amanda Keenan said...

How adorable is that!!


AC said...

Very nice!

and flowers pick themselves said...

this is so clever + sweet! i love it.

xo Alison

t a n y a said...

jax: thanks! i love the stamps too, part of a growing collection!

Amanda, AC: thank you!

and flowers pick themselves: thank you, and nice to meet you.

Unknown said...

These are incredibly lovely! i love your choice of stamps and the photos too!

t a n y a said...

Dandelion and Grey : thank you!

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