Sunday, 9 May 2010

my mom

happy mother's day, everyone.


Anonymous said...

beautiful picture of a beautiful woman

Micheline said...

I love the photograph. Your mom has a real natural beauty.

Melinda Josie said...

Your mother is beautiful!
Happy mother's day!

t a n y a said...

loudange: thanks ange! no doubt that my dad took the photo :)

Micheline: thank you! i love that my mom isn't exactly posing for the photo. but that my dad just caught a moment of her. i wonder what she was thinking about.

Melinda Josie: thank you! my mom would never buy it, she's so modest :) Happy Mother's day to you too!

alexandria said...

It is clear that the beauty of your mother was handed onto you as well! This is a wonderful photograph.

t a n y a said...

alexandria: thank you! i'll pass the kind words to my mom :)

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