Thursday, 13 May 2010

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Deb inquiring about the Letterpress Curiosity Workshops. The unusual thing about this, is that she's from the UK! In Toronto for a month, Deb's got a few exciting things lined up to do and this workshop was one of them. She explained in her email that she's also an owner of an Adana and needed a demo to get her started. But when she arrived, Deb (like many others who've taken the workshop) fell under the charms of the Craftsmen. She had been told that a decent impression with the Adana is next to impossible so I quickly locked up the chase with some type and proved the myth wrong. After having printed her own stationery and seeing my process and techniques, Deb left the workshop with a spring in her step! It was such a pleasure to meet Deb and to talk shop with her. I'm looking forward to hearing about her adventures with her own press now that she's got the basics covered. Her account of the Letterpress Curiosity Workshop can be found here. Check out Deb's blog that's dedicated to contemporary and creative wedding details, Belle Amour.

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