Wednesday, 21 April 2010

seeing double

my Yashica's

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my Rolleiflex 3.5

magic window

nice red

I'm dusting off my Rollei and putting in an effort to learn how to use it. This is probably a premature announcement because I'm not even sure if the camera works. It was an eBay purchase a few years ago and I can't imagine having bought something like this without some assurance that it's in good condition. Still, I'll be taking it to a camera repair place and crossing my fingers. The first thing to do (as my dad would say) is to read the manual. Here's the opening excerpt (which I found to be mildy caustic and funny) from the introduction of the manual printed in 1957.
The Truth About the Rolleiflex

"Universal" cameras exist only in manufacturers' advertisments. Otherwise they are-and very probably will always be-just as absurd as the "universal" weapon, the "universal" areoplane or, to come down to earth again, the "universal" horse. Whoever could seriously be attracted by a charger which was claimed to be just as excellent when employed as a pack-horse or as a polo pony?


Nic said...

It's beautiful! I have always wanted a twin lens. Do share your experience with it!

Sandi said...

beautiful!! I've been looking at these cameras for a little while. I have a holga, but barely seem to find the time to use it, and still have to get the film developed! But I just love the design of these cameras, and just to have one in good working order would be beautiful. Please definitely share any shots!

jax said...

They don't write manuals like that anymore LOL

Sweet looking cameras :) Hope its still working!

alexandria said...

Your cameras are so gorgeous! What a treat it must be to take photographs with. What a funny manual writer!

t a n y a said...

Nic: We'll see how far I get with the Rollei. I might not have much to share :(

Sandi: I've got a Holga as well with film sitting in it for 8 months now!

jax: Exactly, who writes this copy? :)

alexandria: thank you! I haven't taken any photos yet...soon though!

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