Tuesday, 27 April 2010

moleskin journal

moleskin journal

moleskin journal

moleskin journal

Moleskin Kraft Journals | letterpress printed covers
available at The Spring Wedding Show

psst...today's press & printer feature is me! check it out: oh, hello friend!
thank you, Danni!


rhya said...

Ohh congrats on the feature! and these are so pretty!

Jaime said...

Great write-up T!

jax said...

Lovely moleskins and congrats on the great feature
OMG! 443 hello's on the give away - drat missed that and one giveaway literally had my name on :)

Moose said...

Excellent interview + love the moleskins. Where do you order yours from? Tail Wags,

t a n y a said...

rhya + Jaime: thank you!

jax: thank you! you hadn't seen the "jax" print before? you inspired it!

Moose: thank you! I get the blank covered journals from a local stationery shop.

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