Monday, 15 March 2010

+ Carte Postal letterpress print off-cut
+ cyan umbrella paper cut from Christmas paper exchange
+ transparent blue sticky tabs can't remember where from
+"5 envelopes" label from package bought at Polka-Dot Kids
+ stamp collectors sheet remnant
+ inside part of Boxcar envelope
+ cyan and white polka dot tape from Phillipa
+ White Squirrel in reverse (looked better in black)
+ cancelled US stamps
+ fortunes from Hakka restaurant
+ El Arpa from Jaime
+ vintage stamps
+ blue egg cut out
+ cut from proof sheet (photos taken with the Vivitar Slim)
+ index card from Lovely Design (January stamp from the dollar store)



Daniella said...

Love! Especially those little fortunes... great place to keep them.

alexandria said...

A book full of gems like this is delightful. Sweet idea.

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