Wednesday, 10 February 2010

+ washi tape from received snail mail
+ dry cleaning tag
+ sushi receipt; had lunch while waiting for Chris to get his haircut
+super duper typeface for Redpath
+Red Tea Box receipt; picked up a fabric bunny coaster for my aunt (she loves rabbits)
+stamp cancellation on a package from Japan
+mail from Boxcar
+info for my Holga camera?
+fortunes from Chinese takeout
+a bit of 2009 Christmas wrapping paper

** check out beautiful journaling from Jaime and Rhya **



Daniella said...

I love scrap books/travel journals and stuff like this, that's more "designed"... very cool.

Anonymous said...

I..I..I'm speechless....I LOVE this! I wanna put my cool tickets, receipts in a super cool setting like yours too!

snap + tumble said...

Daniella - thank you - I actually, just sort of, threw my favorite pieces of paper on the page !

loudange - do it!!! :)

tifanie said...

love this. :::

rhya said...

oh wow! i love your work! thank you for the post! Your printmaking is outstanding!


Daniella said...

I had to come back to this Tanya, as i've been collecting random bits of this and that, and have a whole collection from L.A. now... I think i'm going to start my own journal/scrapbook of everyday "bits"... thanks for the inspiration!

t a n y a said...

that's gret news, Daniella! I don't suppose you'll be posting some of your pages to your blog for a sneak peek? :)

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